EasyRams, Pikesend Farm
“We will provide British Sheep Farmers with Grass fed rams that we guarantee will enhance the the profitability of their sheep enterprises through increased output and decreased costs.”

EasyRams are the UK’s only breeder of pure New Zealand Suffolk Texel and Sufftex Rams. Not only do we use NZ genetics but we also embrace the New Zealand ram breeder’s philosophy of producing rams that are solely bred to increase the profitability of our client’s commercial sheep enterprises.

Although as a family we have been breeding rams for the last 65 years, our EasyRams business was established in 2006, since when it has grown into one of the UK’s largest privately owned ram breeding enterprises with annual sales of 400 rams and over 600 clients throughout the whole of the UK and Ireland.

Our grass fed rams have rapidly established a reputation for being active robust sheep, that serve large numbers of ewes quickly, are long living, remain fit and produce easily born lambs that thrive on and finish easily off grass. 

Last year’s Brexit result has introduced uncertainty into the whole of the British Agriculture and raised particular concerns about the sheep sector’s future. 

Over 30 years ago New Zealand Farmers faced similar challenges when all their subsidies were removed overnight and those who survived had to embrace major changes. 

They were forced to reduce costs at the same time as increasing productivity and they achieved this through improved sheep genetics and better grassland management. 

We ourselves are trying to put these same lessons into practice on our own farm and we have the tools (Pure NZ Rams) that will allow all UK sheep producers start on a similar journey. 

We have been amazed by the changes in our own business since the introduction of NZ genetics and particularly in the reduction of labour requirements, vet and med costs and concentrate usage and we would urge all our fellow sheep farmers who are looking for a sustainable future to look at the exciting opportunities our EasyRam NZ sheep genetics offer.

Kind Regards Robyn, Philippa, Nick and James

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Pikesend Farm, English Frankton, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 0JZ, United Kingdom